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                                                   MPLS Bandwidth Network

MPLS provides any-to-any connectivity over T1 or higher bandwidth. The best MPLS networks are facilitated within the closed systems of specific tier 1 providers. With this scenario, MPLS networks are as secure as point-to-point private lines. With quality of service (QoS), MPLS networks are extremely well suited for transmitting voice, priority files, multiple location audio or video conferencing, or high quality video transmission. For two location networks, a point-to-point private line continues a bit less expensive than a MPLS VPN. However, point-to-point lines are not normally managed by providers, so with point-to-point lines, obtaining customer premise equipment, and configuring and maintaining the equipment is the responsibility of the end user. For multiple location networks, or two location networks which you know will increase in number of locations, MPLS can be far more functional, and far less expensive than a network comprised of point-to-point lines. In most cases, full T1 or DS3 MPLS VPNs are provided with all needed hardware and installation, configuration and management of the network by the provider for about the same cost, or just slightly more, per location, than managed internet service. Managed MPLS networks are pretty much turn key for the end user. There are also a variety of options for networking DSL or Cable service as well. As the authorized sales agents for the top 20 telecom providers in the country, we can provide free comparative quotes for completely managed VPNs for any locations in the US, regardless of the bandwidth needed at each location.  

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